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Guide to moving

We want your move to be as stress free as possible. Our week-by-week guide to moving will help make sure nothing gets overlooked.



Manage your move


Step 1    Speak to our professional team and                      

             outline your needs.


Step 2    Arrange a home visit to discuss your

             moving requirements.


Step 3    A personal quotation will be sent to

             you with a clear breakdown of costs                    

             and timescales for the move,      

             transportation methods, moving      

             services and your moving team.


Step 4    Once you have chosen your personal

             moving package we will plan and  

             prepare for the move.


Step 5    Moving date, our removal team will

             arrived on site with all materials and    

             tools needed to conduct the move.

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If you are planning to move home, our useful moving checklist might come in handy…


4 weeks before


  • arrange your mail redirection

  • inform regular subscription services of your new address

  • notify utility suppliers

  • arrange for utility connections to be completed at your new home

  • notify local council and check if you are due a council tax rebate


3 weeks before


  • consider plants and pets on moving day

  • start to run down the content of your freezer

  • draw up plans of your new home to determine the placement of furnishings

  • transfer home insurance and other services to your new address


2 weeks before


  • arrange your cable/digital television if appropriate

  • inform friends and family of your new address


1 week before


  • rearrange your telephone, TV and internet service

  • empty your loft, sheds or a garage and throw away unwanted items. We can help with the disposal of rubbish


1 day before


  • defrost the freezer

  • take down, pictures, mirrors, curtains and blinds

  • disconnect electrical appliances; washing machine, cooker, dishwasher etc.


Move Day


  • make sure plants are drained of excess water

  • take any cash and jewellery with you

  • take meter readings at your old and new home

  • label keys if necessary

  • pack a separate box containing kettle, cups, drinks and snacks for easy access

  • relax and let our team handle your move


Our quotes show at a glance a clear breakdown of all costs involved in your move, as well as fees for additional services you may have requested, such as packing/unpacking, storage, delivery etc.


Your personalised quote will also include a timescale to ensure the move goes according to plan.

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